Am I PLAR Ready?

Before PLAR discussions can begin, you must be admitted to an undergraduate AU program. As well, if you have completed post-secondary education elsewhere, any eligible transfer credits must be assessed and applied to your program where able. Without this, PLAR cannot move forward.

Once the above has been attended to, then proceed to the next section.

PLAR Self-Assessment

The PLAR process is both intensive and reflexive. It requires you to invest time and thought to “select, reflect, and project” evidence of your program-related learning in a portfolio format.

Take a few moments to self-reflect on your PLAR potential by considering the following questions:

I have 5 or more years of current experience in my field (gained through work, volunteer/leisure activities) that is related to remaining requirements within my AU program.

I have a broad range of life experiences that I can relate to my core or professional work and AU program. I maintain currency in my profession through professional activities, reading, training and growth opportunities.

I have access to a wide range of documents to prove/support my learning and supervisors or managers that would be in a position to provide a letter of attestation when the time comes. *

*Letters of attestation are not to be requested until the end of the PLAR process. Your PLAR mentor will confirm when your learning statements are suitable for attestor feedback.

PLAR is a rigorous process that requires a significant investment in time and effort. I am aware that PLAR will not contribute to an accelerated AU program completion rate.

If you have answered NO to any of the above, perhaps this is not the time in your life to consider PLAR as a way to obtain university credit. Or, perhaps you might want to: