Am I PLAR Ready?

The PLAR process is both intensive and reflexive. It requires you to invest time and thought to “select, reflect, and project” evidence of your program-related learning in a portfolio format.

Take a few moments to explore your PLAR potential by considering the following questions:

I have 5 or more years of experience in my field (gained through work, volunteer/leisure activities)

I have a broad range of life experiences that I can relate to my core or professional work

I have given thought to my history as a learner and as a worker.

I understand my relationship to my successes and failure, and I take ownership of my situation.

I have a clear career plan and I understand the place of my educational goals within my career plans.

I am active within my field and maintain currency in my profession through professional activities, reading, and training and growth opportunities.

I am a relatively mature and self-directed learner.

I enjoy structuring my own learning activities.

I am enrolled in a program of study at Athabasca University.

I have discussed my program plan with a program advisor and have developed a “learning strategy” for achieving my study goals.

The more items that you have answered YES to, the better suited you are to attempt the PLAR process successfully.

If you have answered YES to only a few items, perhaps this is not the time in your life to consider PLAR as a way to obtain university credit. Or, perhaps you might want to:

  • Consult Athabasca University's Counseling Services for further career discussion.
  • Contact the Centre for Learning Accreditation for more detailed PLAR information.