Financial Assistance for PLAR Learners

AU PLAR Scholarship

The PLAR scholarship for $1000 is awarded annually to an AU program student who has an undergraduate GPA of 3.60 or higher, has not previously received the award, and is within 30 credits of completing their undergraduate degree program.

AU PLAR Bursary

The AU PLAR Bursary will enable applicants in financial need to have access to AU’s PLAR process and, as a result, the credit that results from that process.

To confirm PLAR potential prior to the submission of a PLAR bursary application please contact the CLA at or 1 800 788 9041 follow prompts to ext 6348 (Canada & US), (780) 675-6348 (international).

AU Student Financial Aid

The deadline for applying for PLAR scholarship and bursary awards is February 15th annually. Please visit the awards page (links provided above) for more information.