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Financial Assistance for PLAR Learners

The deadline for applying for PLAR scholarship and bursary awards is February 15th annually. Please visit the awards page (links provided above) for more information.
To confirm PLAR potential prior to the submission of a PLAR bursary application please contact the CLA at or 1 800 788 9041 follow prompts to ext 6348 (Canada & US), (780) 675-6348 (international).

Congratulations to 2013 PLAR Scholarship Recipients!

May 22, 2013

CLA is pleased to announce that two PLAR completers were awarded $1000 scholarships this year. Excerpts and information are reproduced here with permission.

Cheryl Bogaert from Ontario is in the Bachelor of Health Administration program. Cheryl completed her PLAR portfolio in 2012. As a part of her winning essay for the scholarship application, Cheryl wrote: "Articulating clear, succinct learning statements that accurately described the learning I gained from experience was a difficult but insightful. Through this process, I was able to bring forward my learning with deep thought….I also strengthened my understanding and appreciation of the various levels of complexity inherent in learning. I am glad I embarked upon this journey. PLAR has taught me how to integrate previous knowledge into new situations and been instrumental in transforming my understanding of learning and will, thus, contribute to my success as a learner."

Lois, from British Columbia, is in the Bachelor of General Studies program, Arts and Science stream. Lois completed her PLAR portfolio in 2010. In her essay, Lois wrote: "the PLAR process has helped me to recognize that much of what I have to offer was gained through life learning… the PLAR process also asked that I seek others' assessment of my work and skills. It was a humbling, yet validating, experience to have others speak accurately to those experiences. Further, matching those skills to specific courses not only provided me with academic credit but also demonstrated my competency in a work setting."

Congratulations to both Cheryl and Lois! Several PLAR Bursaries were also awarded to deserving applicants.

Congratulations to 2012 PLAR Scholarship Recipient!

June 11, 2012

CLA is delighted to announce that Kathryn Sturtevant from Bridgetown, Nova Scotia was awarded the PLAR scholarship award for 2012. Congratulations, Kathryn!

As a part of the PLAR scholarship application, we ask for a short essay that outlines how the PLAR process has contributed to the student's success as an AU learner. In responding to this question, Kathryn had written:

"I was at once intrigued and encouraged by the prospect that all my training and experience could be valued by the world of academia. To think that it could be recognized in a formal sense was exciting! ...Compiling my portfolio was rewarding and eye-opening. In writing and gathering the material, I gained insight into my strengths. I hadn't realized that I possessed such a wealth of skills, experience, and valuable attributes. After my portfolio was evaluated...the comments from the assessors were invaluable, providing positive feedback on my efforts as well as helpful suggestions for further study....In offering PLAR, Athabasca University recognizes that not all learning takes place in a classroom. I am grateful for this chance to enrich my life, not only through the credits I received, but through the process itself. PLAR has helped me to achieve my learning goals in a shorter time than I could ever have thought possible. I have saved time and money, and received credits toward my degree; more importantly, I have gained other intangible benefits: pride, satisfaction, validation, recognition, respect."

In her communication with us, Kathryn wrote, "I hope others will take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that PLAR affords." We hope so too.

Congratulations to 2011 PLAR Scholarship Recipient!

April 7, 2011

The Centre for Learning Accreditation, together with AU Student Awards, is pleased to announce that the 2011 PLAR scholarship has been awarded to Karen, a Bachelor of Professional Arts student. Congratulations, Karen! In her essay describing how the PLAR process has contributed to her success as an AU learner, Karen wrote the following:

“I decided to go through PLAR assessment to see if my past work could benefit my continuing education. Initially, I found it incredibly difficult, not because of the criteria so much as I had to review my abilities and accept my strengths and weaknesses as they presented themselves and acknowledge that ….my identity and abilities were not solely who I was as a support worker, a supervisor, and a contributing member of society. …The PLAR process assisted in giving back my confidence and self-acceptance by …teaching me that I am a woman who is able to continue learning and growing despite setbacks. Regardless of the credits granted through the process, it would be a valuable learning experience for me that would propel me through completing my degree and ultimately allow me to wee beyond my immediate become a teacher myself. I guess, ultimately, the PLAR process provided me the opportunity for reflection, recognition and growth both personally and academically to complete my degree and achieve beyond my initial goals.”

The PLAR scholarship for $1000 is awarded annually to an AU program student who has an undergraduate GPA of 3.60 or higher, has not previously received the award, and is within 30 credits of completing his or her undergraduate degree program. Deadline for application is February 15.

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