Is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition For Me?

The PLAR process may not be for everyone. You should think about your timelines, your learning style, and the type of educational experience that you want from Athabasca University.

University credits and courses gained through PLAR may increase your eligibility for other benefits, training, and attendance at conferences and workshops through your employer.

It is important to note, if you are considering graduate studies, contact that program directly to determine their stance on the PLAR credits contained within your undergraduate degree. PLAR credits may not be accepted by some programs, or may be accepted with some conditions. When you enquire, be sure to receive their response in writing. Institutions will deal with PLAR credits in many different ways and will also change their policies from time to time.

Please see the PLAR participant testimonials to learn what successful PLAR applicants have to say about the process.

PLAR is a separate process from credit transfer. If you would like to have credits that you have earned from other institutions evaluated for entry into an AU program of study, please contact AU evaluators at

Can PLAR save me time?

Saving time is a major factor in deciding whether to choose PLAR. If credits for prior learning are received, you may not have to take as many courses in order to graduate - it depends on the core courses and electives within your program or interest area.

On the other hand, the amount of credit you receive may not offset the time required to create a PLAR portfolio.

Can PLAR save me money?

The assessment fee for PLAR is $823. This offers tremendous value based on the potential PLAR award.

What PLAR can do for you

For your career

By achieving credits toward a university degree, you may qualify for:

  • Promotion or advancement.
  • Increased pay.
  • Openings for career shifts.
  • Broader options within the career already chosen.
  • Choices in further education and training.

For your learning

More information on PLAR and how it may be appropriate for you can be found in our list of frequently asked questions.

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