Portfolio Submission

Rely on the direction/advice of your mentor to attend to the following:

If you have prepared an e-Portfolio

  1. Email your 'portfolio url' (the link to your e-Portfolio) to your mentor for review.
  2. Your mentor will advise if any changes are required.
  3. Once your mentor has approved your e-Portfolio, it will be vetted by our Director and then forwarded for assessment.


No changes, additions, or deletions to portfolio documents or organization should be made after your mentor has reviewed and approved your portfolio prior to submission.

If you have prepared a paper portfolio

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CLA staff are working off-site. As a result, we are unable to process mail until further notice.

  1. Download and print the Portfolio Declaration Page. Include a copy of this declaration with a copy of each portfolio.
  2. Ensure that each portfolio copy is complete.
  3. Send 3 copies of your portfolio to the CLA. Keep one copy for your records.

Next we will assess your portfolio.