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What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents and writing that you assemble in order to demonstrate that you have the appropriate prior and experiential learning to earn university level credit. The portfolio has several parts, described in the next “Parts of the Portfolio” section.

Portfolios can be paper-based or electronically based (e-portfolio). If paper-based, you will follow the guidance given in the section “What does a Completed Portfolio Look Like?” The examples provides in the Virtual Portfolio section will also be useful.

There are several ways to compile and submit an e-portfolio.

  1. Use our e-Portfolio template, available at e-Lab Portfolio. (Instructions are available to assist you in using the e-portfolio site).
  2. Compile a word document, with or without embedded links, and submit it on a disk or a jump drive.
  3. Use a commercial site available online to house your documents and build the portfolio.

Your mentor will assist you in these decisions.

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